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Step into the Light of Yoga, Mississippi

Maha Magnolia Yoga offers the ancient teachings of yoga to the child,  the beginning adult yogi, all the way to the advanced yogi. For adults and children alike, this ancient practice is for the little ones just beginning their journeys in life and the adult students that have fire in their bellies and light in their eyes. Founded, owned, and led by former elementary school teacher of 11+ years and yoga teacher RYT-200, Ajilon St. Pé Grothe, who was smitten by the practice at 18 and finds her love for it deepening continuously. Maha Magnolia Yoga operates on the authentic principals of yoga, biomechanics, and is inspired by anthroposophy.




Weekly attendance to yoga was a must for Peyton! She has said many times that she has fun doing yoga. She shows everyone in our family moves and pulls out kindermats for us to practice on. It has helped center her and improve her agility and flexibility. She can quote Mrs. Grothe verbatim as she tells us each pose and its benefits. Peyton can’t wait for new classes to start!

Marquita White


Introducing our daughter to Ajilon’s yoga practice has been the BEST thing for her! She has a sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, ADHD, & anxiety. Yoga has helped tremendously with her body awareness and focus. Yoga allows her an opportunity to be herself without having to worry about being critiqued or pressured and she’s always felt like she’s got a friend with Ajilon as her teacher! Yoga is her HAPPY place!

Kimberly Cassell


I loved Ms. Ajilon’s yoga camp. My daughter is gifted which means she can get overexcited and overstimulated easily. Yoga helps her to self regulate and calm her mind and body. It’s an essential tool in her toolkit.

Jessica Cloud and Daughter

My daughter loves Mrs. Grothe and and gained a positive experience from yoga.

Tiffany Amaden


For two summers I took kids yoga with Mrs. Ajilon. I learned many poses. I still practice my poses. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again. 

Lucy Kate McArthur


My son thought yoga was a good exercising experience and the way that Mrs.Grothe taught the poses made learning about yoga more fun than most people would think. Overall, I think learning yoga was a great way to help build focus, concentration, balance, flexibility, and stamina, which I think is an experience everybody should enjoy.

Gouri Mahajan


C o n t a c t \\ tel: 601-832-3237


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